Psychological Program

Psychological Program

Every year games are won and lost over a last second play that normally involves a kicker or punter. Due to new technology with social media the stress of being a specialist is more serious than ever before. Certain games or plays around the country are posted for everyone to see within seconds. Coaches and fans expect to win, which means they expect perfection and when that doesn’t happen you will be ridiculed or put down.
It is commonly known that specialists are head cases. The fact of the matter is specialists are just scared. They’re scared to mess up. They’re scared to let their teammates down. They’re scared to let their parents down. They’re scared to be embarrassed. Therefore, mental preparation is more important than any other type of training. The mind is the most powerful thing any specialist can use to their advantage. 

This program goes through the pressures of being a specialists and how to prepare yourself mentally for the challanges you will face on a daily basis. 

    Train smarter...
    not harder!
    Progression Video Examples

    Tony Trabold - Kicker

    Patrick Ayala - Kicker

    Why Coluzzi kicking?