Workout Program

Workout Program


While it may only seem fair to a coach that kickers/punters should do what the rest of the team does in the weight room, it is completely unnecessary. A kicker and a punter are not asked to push people around, shed blocks, juke out tacklers, and so on. However, most coaches do not know what to do with their specialists when it comes to training purposes so they make them do what everyone else is doing. In order to be successful on the field there are many different areas of the body that a specialist needs to focus on in the weight room. Getting stronger will happen over time with hard work in the weight room. Specialists should focus on fast moving and high repetition workouts in order to replicate the same type of movements that will be executed on the game field.


This program was created from my 16 years of experience.


What you get:  

  • Month-by-month breakdown that includes a detailed description of exercises that you should be doing pre-season, in-season, and off-season.


What we recommend:

  • If you want this program to work you need to stick with it. You will see results. It's great to schedule private lessons or attend camps along with this program. We will work with you along the way. 


    Train smarter...
    not harder!
    Progression Video Examples

    Tony Trabold - Kicker

    Patrick Ayala - Kicker

    Why Coluzzi kicking?