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You're More Than Just A Number

kicking and punting coach

Today, the college recruiting process requires that football players consistently train. For kickers and punters, the idea of training consists of kicking over and over again without guidance. Oftentimes, the lack of attention towards kickers and punters makes them feel like just a number.

Ron Coluzzi, a former punter and kickoff specialist at the University of Iowa and Central Michigan University, understands the struggle and is trying to change that. In March of this year, he started Coluzzi Kicking, alongside his business partner Joe Nalefski, to help others who were once in his cleats. Their slogan “You’re more than just a number” reflects their drive to treat kickers and punters with the attention that they do not normally receive.

In the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids and Chicagoland area, Coluzzi personally teaches every lesson, giving his vast knowledge and experiences in kicking to help others improve their skills. A special package that can be bought for lessons is the progression videos. Utilizing video analysis of athletes performances during lessons, Coluzzi helps fix and tune up footwork to a T. Off the field, Coluzzi Kicking offers workout and psychological programs to make you stronger physically and mentally. “You’re more than just a number” means improving every aspect of yourself that translates to the kicking game.

In 2012, sportscaster Rich Eisen came up with the slogan “Punters are people too.”, with NFL players embracing the idea. While Eisen was making a clever joke, it is true that punters and kickers receive less attention than other positions. At Coluzzi Kicking, you get the attention you deserve and the best training experience for kickers and punters in the area.

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