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Kick With Confidence

“I feel like kicks are made in the offseason,” a famous kicker once said. “You work hard at your craft to be the best you can to go into the season as healthy and as strong as you can because it’s a long year; it’s a long season,” he added.

That kicker is none other than Adam Vinatieri, considered by many as the greatest kicker of all-time. The man behind the last second game-winning kicks in Super Bowls XXXVI and XXXVIII, believes that kicks are made in the offseason. The offseason is time to learn from your mistakes, improve your weaknesses and fine tune your skills.

“The biggest thing is that you’re going to mess up,” said Coluzzi Kicking co-founder and former Iowa punter Ron Coluzzi, “Even players in the pros and in college mess up.”

This summer, Coluzzi has worked with athletes in the Chicagoland and Iowa City/Cedar Rapids areas to help them get ready for the upcoming football season. A big part of his coaching is instilling confidence in each player.

“If you are confident in your ability to attack the next rep, then success is inevitable,” said Coluzzi.

Repetitions are essential for specialists in the offseason, as during games the opportunities are limited to make your mark. The more quality reps you get in the offseason, the better you’ll perform when the lights shine the brightest. The key in those big moments is to focus on the fundamentals. You’ve been preparing during the offseason for these chances to show how your hard work has paid off. With a focused mindset that knows you’ve practiced this situation over and over with success, you’ll be well on your way to victory.

Good luck to all football players in their 2017 season.

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