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The Coluzzi Kicking Private Consulting Package

It’s been just over a year at Coluzzi Kicking, but things have already taken off for the company. Just recently, Head Coach Ron Coluzzi announced a new package available to kickers and punters, the private consulting package. Here is a summary of what the package has to offer.

With Coluzzi Kicking’s Head of Athlete Marketing Josh Class in tow, Coluzzi and Class head to your high school or college to work with you one-on-one.

“We come out to your location and do a two hour private lesson,” said Coluzzi. “Then, we spend two hours focusing on off the field topics related to kicking.”

For all athletes, that means going over workout plans, eating habits, the psychological part of football and progression videos. In addition, we focus on the recruiting process with our high school kickers and punters. You can choose whatever programs you want to go over during that two hours.

If you want to focus on the workout program designed by former NC State running back Taylor Gentry of M.U.L.E, we can help you out. Coluzzi would assist you in understanding how to properly follow and execute the workout plan.

For our recently released nutrition program, Coluzzi can explain the various meal plans and get you in touch with our nutritionist, Ali Abbas. Whether it is on the phone or in person, Abbas can help you figure out an eating plan that works for your body.

Sometimes for kickers and punters, the mental part can be the most difficult. The experience that Coluzzi has allows him to understand what’s going on in your head. He will use the time to go over strategies and methods he used to calm himself down in the big moments.

During practice, it can be hard to see your mistakes. With progression videos shot by Class, we can go over your footage from that day and previous sessions. That way, you can figure out what your strengths are and what you need to improve on.

Lastly, for aspiring college athletes, the recruiting process can be a minefield. Coluzzi’s been through that process not once, but twice, after playing at Iowa as a graduate transfer. We take the time with our private consultants to make sure you have the best chance to be recruited. Our team will make sure you send out high-quality highlight videos that get in the hands of the right people.

When you put it all together, there is a team behind you at Coluzzi Kicking. We have our athletes covered on and off the field by experts who understand how to improve your performance. For kickers and punters ready to take their game to the next level, the private consulting package is the total package.

“It relates back to our motto; you are more than just a number,” said Coluzzi. “We make the most well-rounded experience of any kicking company available to our athletes.”

To order the private consulting package, visit our website here or email Ron at

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