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"Pay It Forward" Program

Mike Tylutki knows what it means to give back. When he was eight years old, Tylutki, along with younger sister, were adopted from the south side of Chicago. He became fully immersed in a nurturing and caring culture as an attendee of Boys Town High School in Omaha, Nebraska. Now, Coluzzi Kicking is excited to welcome Tylutki to our family as the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach.

“Mike brings tenacity, energy and an opportunity for growth in every student,” said Head Coach Ron Coluzzi.

During his childhood, Tylutki played a variety of sports. In high school, he decided to run to track and field, which shaped his future career choice.

“Being in track and field, I was always looking up to my coaches who were very hands-on and thorough when it came to training,” said Tylutki.

Now, Tylutki is the teacher. He is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and an active community member involved with local youth athletic programs including the YMCA. With Coluzzi, Tylutki is proud to create the “Pay It Forward” program. The program teaches athletes how to train the right way.

“Whether it’s physical training or mentoring them outside the weight room, it’s an all-around program geared towards giving back,” said Tylutki.

For Coluzzi Kicking, Tylutki will provide students with workouts tailored for kicking. This includes explosive lifts with light weight and stretching. Overall, Coluzzi is ecstatic to bring someone who understands the physical and mental side of athletics to the company.

“He’s been through so much adversity and he knows how to bounce back,” said Coluzzi. “That’s what we're going to teach our kids in the weight room.”

To sign up for the “Pay It Forward” program or private lessons, visit our website here or email Ron at

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